It is simply the responsible way forward  - the government has officially declared a
climate crisis in the UK - and by working towards Net Zero in 2050 you become part of the solution.


By reducing carbon emissions, businesses can save money by significantly reducing energy costs.

You will also be able to measure and monitor how much you have reduced your carbon emissions, and therefore energy costs, by undertaking an annual review, working with your Carbon Reduction Plan in place.


Given that the UK national statutory targets for 2030, 2035 and 2050 are already in place, all businesses both large and small, have their own role to play in achieving these goals.

Many major organisations and service providers who you may wish to do business with, now require companies to provide evidence of how they are taking their role in achieving UK emissions targets seriously.

Your scientifically based and published
Carbon Reduction Plan is a clear and recognised statement of commitment, improving your company profile by clearly displaying and evidencing excellent Corporate Social Responsibility credentials.

Having a science based GHG Protocol certified Carbon Reduction Plan is already a qualifying prerequisite when tendering for many public sector contracts (NHS for example), utility companies and other large businesses and organisations.

If you are working for a main contractor on behalf of these organisations they will expect you to be contributing to their own carbon reduction targets.

Having a certified Carbon Reduction Plan in place will clearly evidence your own carbon emission targets and carbon reduction actions is the way forward.

It is an effective way to impress both your current and prospective clients.

You will be able to display your carbon reduction credentials with pride! 

One thing is for sure, your competitors are...
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